Education Credential Evaluation or ECA in-short is a service that evaluates and converts your foreign degree or diploma into Canadian equivalent. Canadian immigration uses these ECA reports in assessing your education level. The reports are generated by the following companies:
All of the above services are valid ECA providers.

Tips for ECA applicants:
  • ECAs take months and sometimes even longer than 6 months
  • To save time, start your ECA application process along with your IELTS preparation
  • You can use one or multiple ECAs as may be required
  • You only need ECA for your highest degree or qualification
  • You can also process two ECAs simultaneously, so as to get at least one ECA result that converts your highest qualification. For instance, if you have done distance education, in certain cases, say WES, the fastest provider does not recognize your degree or diploma, in that case you have a backup ECA from a slower service provider say ICES or IQAS.